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How to get a mortgage with no down payment

Thinking of a no down payment mortgage, most home buyers must have lived with the idea of impossibility. Might sound weird for some but it is very possible having a zero down payment mortgage for your home. A mortgage that requires no cash at closing. Making a home purchase while putting not cash down sounds tempting to most home buyers while it could be hard to get a no down payment home mortgage as lenders no longer offer such services to most clients. Might seem hard but not impossible to get.

The down payment has been seen as a major obstacle to most homeownership. The down payment can as well be a problem is a modestly priced market where a traditional 20% down payment will simply sum up to tens of thousands of dollars. While taking into consideration the various closing cost, a home buyer will be faced with an unrealistic financial goal.

While not everyone will have the requirements to qualify for a zero down payment loan, you might be able to make a home purchase with no money down in some circumstances, and you have to learn about such circumstances and know if you would qualify. Read further and know how to get a no money down payment mortgage.

  • USDA Loan: The first option I would say to be eligible for a no money down payment mortgage is the USDA loan service. The United State Department of Agriculture a variety of loans with relatively low-interest A good number of these loans were created for the benefits of people with low or moderate income. Two well-known USDA loans are the single-family guaranteed homeownership loan and the single-family direct homeownership loan.


  • The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA): This option is made for veterans. If you are a veteran, you already meet one of the terms of being qualified for a no money down payment mortgage. In order to be fully qualified for the loan, veterans must have a good credit score, a certificate of eligibility from the VA and enough income. You will be offered the loan and enjoy its benefits so long as the appraised value of the home isn’t lower than the sales price of the home.

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